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Top 5 Reasons to Get Rid of Cooking Smoke

Do you ever forget about the frying onions on the stove, only to return to a kitchen filled with smoke? In response, you might try one of the typical “solutions,” such as a noisy and expensive range-top hood. But the smoke persists. In reality, most range hoods are ineffective and don’t solve the issue at hand. This article pays homage to all of the effects of smoke, ranging from slightly annoying to dangerous to your health, and helps provide real solutions to your smoky kitchen concerns.

1.You Smell Like What You Cook

Think about how many recipes call for sautéed onions and garlic. Now think about how often you want to smell like sautéed onions and garlic. Yet, the steam from the pan spreads around the kitchen, carrying the particles to you, and later on you pay the price. After spending half an hour over a stove, you walk out of the kitchen, bringing the odors with you. They linger in your hair, on your clothes, and even on your skin. If you don’t want people thinking you used fried-onion shampoo, you’re likely to jump in the shower and use normal shampoo to strip off that cooking smell.

2.Dirty, Smelly Kitchen

The smell doesn’t stop with you; it fills the entire kitchen as well. In a kitchen that isn’t properly ventilated or aired out, a nasty layer of greasy buildup will accumulate all over. The walls, countertops, and ceiling will all be likely victims of aerosoled bacon grease, and other types of grease, that will then turn into perfect dust-traps. This buildup is hard to clean, and accumulates in hard to reach areas leaving you with a dirty, smelly kitchen in the long run.

3. Sets Off Smoke Detector

If you’ve ever found yourself standing on a chair frantically waving a towel at the smoke detector, or opening the windows in below-freezing weather in order to avoid an embarrassing visit from the fire department, you know how much trouble cooking smoke can cause. An innocent chocolate chip endeavor could turn into admonishment from a friendly, but annoyed firefighter. The majority of the time, when a fire-alarm goes off, it is a false alarm, and this can be very frustrating for both parties.

4.Exacerbates Allergy Symptoms

Moreover, cooking smoke can actually make you sick. If you already suffer from seasonal allergies, cooking steam and smoke are not things you want to add to the mix. Sensitive eyes are can be triggered by cooking steam, irritating them and making them red, itchy, and inflamed. Inhaling cooking smoke, on the other hand, is dangerous for you whether or not you have allergies. The consequences are even worse for someone who suffers from asthma—children and adults alike.

5.Toxic Fumes and Carcinogens

Finally, cooking smoke could be putting us all in danger of developing serious illnesses. Many people are not aware that different cooking oils have different thresholds of heat tolerance. Certain oils, like olive oil, for example, are only safe when cooked below a medium heat. Other oils, like flaxseed oil or wheat germ oil, fall into the no-heat category, and should never be heated.

When oil is heated above the recommended temperature, it begins to produce toxic fumes and hazardous substances called free radicals. Free radicals are damaged cells that once inhaled, cause damage to the cells in your body. These cells can accumulate, which can significantly raise the risk of cancer. Toxins that are cancer-causing are called carcinogens.

There are quite a few ways to release carcinogens when cooking food, and they are all connected to high temperatures. When meat is cooked at a very high temperature (above 300 degrees Fahrenheit) in a pan, it creates compounds called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) that are known to cause cancer. Grilling on an open flame, or smoking meat creates carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Lastly, vegetarian compounds cooked at high temperatures can also create carcinogens called acrylamide.

These carcinogens are released in the air and spread around your kitchen through steam and smoke. To avoid releasing carcinogens from cooked food, cook for longer and at lower temperatures. Additionally, avoid obviously charred pieces and over-cooking food.

The Solution:

Wouldn’t it be great to have something that could just “catch” the steam/smoke before it got to you, your kitchen, your smoke detector, and your lungs? Wouldn’t it be nice to sauté garlic and not have your clothing and your whole house smell of garlic for the rest of the day?

You can either flap your arms around trying to get rid of the smoke, or you can try Nouvair. All of the problems mentioned above are taken care of by this tiny, but genius invention. Nouvair, a quiet, unobtrusive, and portable air filtration kitchen appliance extracts the odor and toxins from the air, leaving you with a smoke-free kitchen. No more embarrassing odors. No more smoky kitchens. It’s really so simple….you’ll wonder why it wasn’t invented sooner.

As always, stay in touch with us by joining the mailing list to receive exclusive promotions and updates. You can also follow Nouvair on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to become one of the first ones to learn about our launch.

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