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8 Quick and Easy Ways To Rid Pesky Odors In Your Kitchen

The worst part of a delicious home-cooked meal is the lingering kitchen odors that can last for weeks. They can be slightly unpleasant, nauseating, and even embarrassing to explain to guests. The best possible solution to this problem is Nouvair, which will help remove kitchen odors at the source. Still, here are some tips (for while your cooking and after your done cooking) to minimize the pesky odors while you wait for our launch.

While Cooking


The first obvious answer is to ventilate the kitchen while cooking. This will increase air circulation, and provide fresh air into your home. There are many ways to do this, however it is important to note that they’re viability is dependent upon the season.

  • Open windows. This will allow fresh air into the home, and increase air circulation. While this helps, you may want to avoid doing so if will also negatively impact your cooking space (bugs, rain, noise, etc.).

  • Run the air conditioner. An efficient air condition is a good way to dissipate kitchen odors. Still, it can be an extremely costly option. Furthermore, its really on viable during the summer months. No one really wants to run their air conditioning just to get rid of kitchen odors.

  • Turn on the range-top hood. There’s a good chance that you have probably thought of this option before. Yet, it only works if your range hood works. The reality is, the majority of range hoods are ineffective.

2. Close the Doors While Cooking

Fabric readily absorbs odors and is very hard to clean. This tip requires you to go around your house closing all bedroom and closet doors before frying or sautéing anything. While it works, it is impractical. For those of us who make multiple fresh meals a day, remembering to go around shutting doors can be a nuisance. This may not work for you if you have open-floor plans, or studio apartments.

3.Light a Scented Candle

Scented candles are pleasant to have around, and can mask odors in your home. The only problem is that they do not take care of the steam, smoke, and aerosoled grease that comes from fried or sautéed food and settles in hard-to-reach places. In the long run, the grease will collect dust and contribute to a smelly, dirty kitchen.

4. Simmer Spices

Similar to the candle solution, simmering spices will provide a temporary escape from strong kitchen odors. The spices will temporarily mask the smell, without actually eliminating the odors. Additionally, it will only add more smoke and steam to your home.

After the Meal

5. Use Strong Cleaning Agents to Wipe Away Build-Up

Because oil evaporates and dissipates all over the kitchen walls, ceiling, and counters, it is quite sensible to clean them on a weekly basis. This can be very difficult and take a lot of effort. The steam carries the evaporated oil to hard-to-reach areas, requiring you to stand on ladders and crouch in awkward positions to clean properly. Not to mention the toxic cleaning agents necessary to tackle stubborn grease stains. The oil and grease needs to be cut at the source, not allowed to settle.

6. Take out the Garbage Regularly

This is a great tip that everyone should follow to keep a fresh kitchen. It will help with the odors, but won’t address the full issue. You will need to also be wary of the odors that settle in your furniture and rugs.

7. Clean Out Your Fridge Regularly

Again, this is another tip that everyone should follow to keep a fresh kitchen. Refrigerators absorb the odors of the food that is in it, so a regularly cleaning will help to ensure that it stays as odor free as possible.

8. Leave Vinegar, Baking Soda, or Coffee Grounds on the Counter Overnight

Vinegar, baking soda, and coffee grounds are each known for absorbing odors. For this solution to work permanently, you would have to do so after every meal that you cook in your kitchen. This can be time consuming and expensive, especially if you opt for the coffee grounds option.

The Solution

As mentioned in the beginning, we fully believe that the best solution cuts the steam, smoke, and odors before they become a problem in your kitchen. Nouvair doesn’t involve shelling out extra money, making an extra effort, or allowing odors to settle, or depend on the season. It is a small, quiet, unobtrusive, and portable air filtration kitchen appliance that goes right above the source of the odor and cuts it out immediately.

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