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The World's First Countertop Cooking Hood

“My wife banned me from cooking bacon, steak, and fish on our stovetop, because of the annoying smoke and odor. Our range hood was loud, but didn’t really work well, so I decided to make something that actually worked.”

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How The World’s Most Effective, Energy-efficient, Quiet, and Affordable Kitchen Exhaust Hood Works

Proximity Matters

Most range hoods capture less than 30% of smoke and pollutants from cooking.

By placing Nouvair closer to the source, it can capture more than 80% of the smoke and harmful pollutants.

4 Stage Filtration

Stop harmful pollutants or offensive odors in their tracks with Nouvair’s 4 layer-filtration system.

Save Energy. Save $$$

A typical range hood consumes between 300 and 1,800 Watts/Hr. Nouvair uses less than a tenth of that, saving you $ while keeping your home clean and fresh.

Keep It Quiet

While noise levels of range hoods are typically rated above normal conversation level, Nouvair keeps your home quiet and peaceful at half the level of typical range hoods.

Learn About Our Story, Our Passion, and Why It Matters To You

Hi! My name is Sungman and I am the inventor of Nouvair - a simple solution for the cooking smoke and odor problems in your home. Our story begins on a freezing winter night in Philadelphia...  Continue Reading on Our Blog

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